Here’s your proof of what Facebook Messenger is doing on our phones. This isn’t everything, but it’s enough for me to remove it.
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Dane Cook & Skyler Astin looking almost exactly alike. Whoaaaa 😮😮
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there are bugs that are literally, split down the middle, half male and half female, worms and snails that have both sets of genitalia, fish that just up and switch sexes when there’s a male or female space in their group that needs filling and you want me to believe that God hates all sorts of gender-bending in his children

I think you need to take a better look at God’s creation

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I’M SO HAPPY WITH OUR PHOTO!!!!! WE ASKED FOR A BIG LOVE HUDDLE AND IT WAS PERFECT!!!! They are so huge and cuddly and it was precisely a big love huddle (also as good as they look on the television multiply by about 10000000 and that’s what they look like in real life)
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Open your eyes, Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. And let’s go take a howl at that moon.
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that one song that will always remind you of a certain person or place every single time you hear it

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Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.
Molière (via kushandwizdom)
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